We are firm believers in the value of a strong community, and it's very much at the heart of what we do at Remarkable Running.

In March we launched what was known as the 'Run Your Marks Community Champs' scheme, where we amassed over 20 volunteers to head out on runs, delivering prescriptions and other essential supplies to those most vulnerable during the initial pandemic lockdown.

It really was great to see runners pulling together to help those who needed it at the time, and many of our volunteers built strong bonds with those they helped.

We also play a part in organising our local Run Talk Run community, along with Tom and Jess, offering peer-to-peer mental health support to those who would like to come for a run with us in Lincoln on a Tuesday night.

We will continue to look for ways we can help get people moving and helping other in the community, and hope to have have more exciting news to share with you in the summer.

If you'd like to volunteer with the Community Champs (we still get occasional requests) or if you'd like to join us on a Run Talk Run, please get in touch.

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